19-21 February, 2021


Gill Emslie & Andy Smith

A Three Day Training Seminar

19 – 21 FEB 2021 |



with Gill Emslie and Andy Smith

Unconscious ideas of how the world works, collective traumas and social constructions have a massive effect on the way we see the world, and how we try and solve problems. They even dictate how we engage with what might be good for us and the planet.

The most important issues we have ever faced are part of the present time. Environmental degradation, the myth of economic growth, of which the pandemic is part, the history of racism and its link to class and injustice are core to this seminar.

How can your facilitation skills, methods and interventions take account of these, how can we prepare as facilitators for what is to come?

Watch this video with Andy Smith around a theory of Timothy Morton:

“Working on race, mysogyny, class, trasnphobia, ablesim is in a way like talking avout cliamte change…”

“These are complex and intricate topics and affect us all, here is one way to see how they interlink especially around how we transform guilt into active responsibility. It’s not everything, it might not even accurately explain this idea well but for facilitators and us all it’s a question we need to explore.. and we will in the seminar soon.”

In this training:

Processwork makes a vital contribution to awareness or ‘mindfulness’ practice and links inner work and social action. Its methods are used in theatre, music and the arts and in conflict resolution and post-conflict community recovery, diversity awareness, organisational and social movements as well as in psychotherapy!

About the facilitators:

Gillian Emslie PhD

Gill works internationally with Processwork, leadership development; executive coaching & capacity building across a broad spectrum of sectors, with individuals, organisations, networks and government. She co-founded the Institute for Processwork and Deep Democracy in Barcelona and her specialist interest lies in the human experience as it relates to social change processes, diversity and inclusion. When she is not travelling Gill lives in the Findhorn ecovillage in Scotland, an NGO providing training on issues related to sustainability, environment, peace and shelter. The Findhorn Foundation is an NGO and CIFAL training centre endorsed by the United Nations, on issues of global concern related to sustainability, environment, peace and shelter. Read more

Andy Smith.

Andy orginally training as Human Ecologist and became fascinated by systems and the relationship between people and the environments and contexts we are part of. After a stint as failed songwriter and punk musician he spent time in Ghana helping to run education programmes for children with disabilities and then in Scotland from 1992 onwards helped pioneer new ways of working in social care and health. He founded Diversity Matters an organisation focusing on inclusion and community which has one four national and international awards for the design of its programmes and training projects. Latest work includes the Go Deeep Game – a communtiy building approach aimed at building resilience and empowering communities to grow and evolve in their own way. Andy is a faculty member on training programmes in Barcelona, London and Athens and loves long distance cycling and writing punk rap poetry. Read more

Seminar times

Friday Feb 19th, 16:00–19:00h

Saturday Feb 20th, 10:00–18:00h

Sunday Feb 21st, 10:00–17:30h

Training Days (22, 23 &24 February 2020):



Seminar: 200 € early bird (Jan 29th) for students of La Escuela of Instituto
de Trabajo de Procesos y Democracia Profunda; 235 € from Jan 29th.

Training Day: 55€ per day; 150€ all three days.

*If you are unable to pay the full rate, you can register by paying the
amount that you can afford and discuss with La Escuela the exchange
you can make for the fee reduction. Email Mar at
info@trabajodeprocesos.net with a small description of your
circumstances and the amount you can pay. There is also a limited
number of scholarships offered by the Scholarship Commission. Email
comisionbecastp@gmail.com for information.

Bonus for active employed workers through the Fundae (TRIPARTITA FOUNDATION).

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