The  Process Work and Deep Democracy Institute is a state-level nonprofit organisation, created in 2012. The institute is made up of faculty members and advanced stage (Phase II) students undertaking the Process Work Diploma.


Our mission is to increase public awareness about Process Work and its diverse applications. These include therapy, organizational development, community work, and facilitation aimed at healing global conflicts.


Increase awareness about PW from local to international arenas

Encourage the application of PW in psychology and psychiatry, as well as in organizational and community development and conflict management

Deepen the knowledge and scope of the various applications of TP

Ensure accessibility in a non-discriminatory manner through creation of grants enabling accessible training, and through initiatives aimed at raising funds for social and community development projects 

Processwork and Deep Democracy Association


Anna Boix


Neus Andreu


Núria Mateu


Sergi Barrientos

Organization chart


On an international level, our training programs and activities are recognized by the International Association for Process Oriented Psychology (IAPOP) and meet the requirements established by the IAPOP


Anna Boix Lladó

Anna Pujol

Conchi Piñeiro

Peix Sergi

Neus Andreu

Esther Wert

Guiomar Vargas

Blanca Fariña

Eva Sánchez

Adrian Crescini

Mireia Chalamanch

Judit Miret

Anna Galí

Meri Cantabria

Raúl Ramírez

Boris Sopko

Gill Emslie