The Bridge Course is generally organized individually between the student and the faculty of the school. A recommendation from the previous training program is required.


Before submitting the application, the student should have completed a minimum of one year of Process Work studies.

It is recommended, but not compulsary to attend a seminar at our PW School before applying to Bridge Course.

The process to enter the Bridge course consists of 2 individual training sessions working on a dream, followed by an admission interview.

Requirements during the Bridge Course (July – December):
The requirements are individually designed, based on previous experience with process work. For some students coming from the annual facilitation training, it might look like this:

  • Enrollment fee (350€ year/175€ from july to december)
  • 10 therapy sessions
  • 3-4 mentoring sessions
  • 9 days in total of training distributed as follows:

    _1 seminar (3 days)

    _2 days of training (2 days)

    _ 1 Dojo (4 days)

    _1 more day that you can complete with classes and online capsules (each class or capsule is as much as half a day, so you have to do 2)

  • Study journal
  • Peer group

See the diagram below for more information.