In these challenging times of the breakdown of our ecosystems, crisis in leadership, economic uncertainty, and
lack of social and ethical justice it is clear that a change of consciousness and a different way of relating to each other,
and to the world, are needed.

It is a time when our leadership is called forth. Many of us are looking for new ways to facilitate dialogue, collaboration  and shift our listening beyond unconscious bias and
prejudice, to a deeper understanding that can lead to a co-creation of new ways of being together and on our

How can we truly make space for all voices? How can we hold and facilitate the emotional intensity of the
interactions that we need to have between the oppressor and the oppressed? What is the work that we need to do
with ourselves and with each other?

We need one another and the container we build together to create the cracks through which our collective
intelligence can come through to shed its light.

In this training seminar we will develop skills using experiential methods including inner work, working in pairs,
small groups and in the large group.

This training is of interest to all those who work with groups in any setting.


Our work is informed by Processwork, developed by Arnold Mindell, with its multidimensional framework and
philosophy of Deep Democracy. This interdisciplinary approach has embodied learning and increasing awareness
at its heart. The approach values an individual or group’s explicit goals and intentions while recognizing the wisdom hidden within their implicit dynamics. Challenges, conflicts,
failures and setbacks are transformed into fuel for creative transformation and growth.


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