Individual sessions (often called “therapy”) provide a space and time to delve into our own awareness and ability to engage creatively in our lives and communities. Process Work considers relevant both verbal and nonverbal communication content, valuing any signal that may appear. Signals can communicate through speaking style, sounds, movements, gestures and postures, emotions, body sensations and symptoms, dreams and visions, states of consciousness, diseases and near-death states, relational conflicts, and any other event in the world affecting the person. Exploring and supporting the signals with which the person identifies as well as those that bother them or which they may consider external, we follow and trust the process that wants to emerge in the moment.

Process Work embraces and is influenced by the contributions of many other methodologies and philosophies. However, in process work it is essential to be attentive to the process and its feedback to our interventions. In this way, we follow the process rather than trying to fit it into a particular paradigm. As C.G. Jung suggested: “know all the theories. Master all techniques, but touching a human soul be just another human soul.”

Process Work additionally provides a framework for personal empowerment (similar to coaching). Within this area, the individual is supported as they develop their unique skills, strengths, and qualities. These may then be engaged in the individual’s social and professional roles, as well as in many other environments. In this way, awareness of personal power deepens, enhancing the capacities needed in management and leadership roles.

You can find more information in the books The Dreambody by Arnold Mindell, A path made by walking by Julie Diamond, The dreambody toolkitby Joe Goodbread and Alternative to therapy by Amy Mindell.

Putting its awareness into the flow of the experience, a process worker sometimes seems to be in the opposite direction to what common sense suggests. Finds that the so disturbing experience to our conscious mind really carries the seed of potential wisdom and creativity. In other words, the solution lies in the difficulty itself. Life is full of impressive potential, often hidden.

Amy Mindell (2006), “Alternative to therapy”