Worldwork is a Process Work approach for groups and organizations. It is based on the principle of deep democracy which emphasizes listening to and appreciating all voices and dimensions of experience. This includes voices which are recognized and accepted by the majority, and voices which stir up disagreement and tension.

Worldwork is based on the idea that social transformation is implicit in the tensions and conflicts of a group and in the diversity that characterizes it. These dynamics can be observed in small groups and collectives, companies, institutions, communities, neighborhoods, regions and entire nations. Some of the applications of Worldwork are community work, organizational development, counselling and the facilitation of conflicts and diversity in small and large groups.

Open Forums represent one of the formats in which Worldwork is applied.. Bringing people together to engage in deeper dialogue about particular issues within the community, open forums create opportunities to process polarizations and conflicts. As communities, we need to be aware of the richness that our complexity and diversity can bring. This potential, often unexploited, emerges when interactions are facilitated, including all voices and points of view, many of which are often marginalized or invisible.

You can find more information in the books Sentados en el fuego and La Democracia Profunda de los Foros Abiertos by Arnold Mindell.

“In our small and magical planet, where the atmosphere can no longer be controlled by scientists, politicians, priests or sorcerers, the situation of the world is everyone’s job. We can not afford to leave it to others. The time has come to develop a global work that connects transpersonal experiences with mundane reality, spiritual service and political activity, oriental altruism with Western rationalism, dream work with body work. ”

Arnold Mindell (2000), “The leader as martial artist”