We share this summary of a participant in the Leadership and Diversity Seminar a few days ago organized by the School of Process Work:

A few days ago I participated in the seminar on Leadership and Diversity organized by the Barcelona Institute of Process Work and this idea was hanging around in my head: other forms of leadership, different from the ones we are (badly) used to, are possible and necessary. Participating in the seminar allowed me to delve into the subject from a point of view and also an experiential one, connecting with my power and with the way in which I want to take it to the world.

The School used its capacities to facilitate participation, both in the hybrid format (thanks for the technical means and the people who managed them!) And in the economic accessibility, being open to the diversity of situations and needs. The team of trainers was another great example of how to dance and flow in the use of power from diversity, collaborating and supporting each other by taking leadership and offering themselves to the group through their own experience and diverse knowledge.

Having the opportunity to meet for a few hours with people from different parts of the world, from different languages ​​(thanks for the efforts in translation), working together on the exercises, seeking in our experience new ways of understanding and exercising power, was inspiring and another of the gifts of this space.

I am left with that idea to continue building (“other forms of power are possible”) and with the symbolic universe to which it transports me: the 2005 Portoalegre World Social Forum and its motto “Outro mundo é possível” which stuck with me years ago; the Brazilian comrades that it was exciting to meet and listen to at the seminar; and the useful essence that I found during the weekend in Capoeira: a practice connected with the oppression of slavery, of non-Eurocentric or capitalist knowledge; a subtle, joyful and fluid way of fighting and being powerful… some practices, some knowledge with which I stay to explore and honor and from which I have much to learn. Thank you for the opportunity.