L.M. from the Slovakian Porcess Work School, together with almost 50 participants form differents countries, joined our last SEMINAR:

Facilitation, Leadership and the Cycles of Life: An embodied skills training, connnecting innerwork and outer action

This is what L.B. wanted to share with us after her participation:

„It was my first experience with worldwork seminar outside our Slovak processwork community and it was really exciting experience for me. At first I had to mention, that I had to go behind my language boundaries, what in some situations was really hard for me. Sometimes I didn´t catch the meaning in English and sometimes I had problems to speak in English when we made exercises. On the other hand I knew the process work theories from our trainings, so I wasn´t so outside.

I want to thank the teachers, who supported me, took care about me and asked me if the translation is ok. Also I wanted to thank the translators who tried to speak more slowly, with bigger pauses and louder, it helped me to understand better. For me, it is a signal to try again and again until I will be friendly with foreign languages.

I liked, how you connected activism with personal process in each of us (I am the part of the planet, too). Also interesting for me was how activism is seen in polyvagal theory. How can constant activation lead into burn-out syndrome or relationship problems. To focus on what are my triggers, give greater space between the trigger and my reaction, to go to the other side and to find out where my power is, can help to break out vicious circle.  Also very useful for me was how you connect activism on the theory of conflicts (4 phases – photo). In the theory of the field I was curious what are all 11 types of the fields, can you tell me? 😊

Next day I liked the tips how can I facilitate organizations, that was also new for me.

From the exercice: „There is time to …“ I am taking the konwledge of my low socioeconomic and psychologic rank and low energy in my high dream of disconnection from this system. I found out, that I had to believe (I don´t have to know how to do it, but I have to have attitude of 100% belief), that destroy my helplessness.

In group work I just noticed the ghost role, that no one went in – the role of people, who thinks, that to have children in these days is irresponsible. I also didn´t bring the role of me – the woman, who is already expecting baby ( I am happy about it, but this theme question activated in me  feelings of doubt).

The most interesting and the biggest teaching point for me was the exercise with unaware movement. When I was facilitator, after focusing on unaware movement it brought the deepen feelings in the field. I didn´t catch the meaning, but on the other day I found out, that I missed the racist comment, that was very hurtful for that woman. Fortunately, both of them were process work students, they knew each other and they arranged another meeting, where they will process it.  But for me it was my blind point on that I want to work to. I realized that in our Slovak process work group we all are white women, and that I was not aware about that point in the setting of exercise. So thank you for this slap, I will work on greater awareness of the rank in human race.


Thank you for the opportunity to be on your seminar, I love the spanish energy. Thank you, that I could know  very nice process work people. I like to see you on another seminar in the future.“