Last Monday, March 14, Boris Sopko, co-director of the Process Work School, gave us a talk on the war in Ukraine in the framework of the triennial Facilitation course that we co-organized with Fil a l’Agulla, at the that he is also a teacher.

From his experience and deep knowledge of the East-West dynamics of Europe, Boris Sopko offered us a historical and real perspective of the war that will help us to have an accurate idea of ​​what is happening and what the potential future scenarios are. He also made some reflections and ideas of what we could do as citizens and facilitators.

We share a testimony of an attendee to the talk:

“I liked how the talk was focused and how it was framed, from the historical perspective, from the collective history, taking into account the transgenerational trauma and the connection to personal history, in this case of Boris.

I really liked the ending. On the one hand, due to the facilitator’s appreciation at the time a hot spot was generated in the chat because it was considered that Boris’s speech was aligned with a hegemonic vision. The accusation was very clear and explicit and the facilitator intervened very cleverly to say that there was no such position at all, but that it was important to understand that for many people in Eastern European countries, the US can represent the “savior” of communism. dictatorial…

Greece’s last intervention, from a process worker, helped reinforce the facilitator’s appreciation and bring about a temporary resolution. She said that it was not about putting flags on the aggressor, but that the important thing was to identify him.

I believe that these types of talks and meetings are important to create and strengthen the community at this time… as our best “weapon”.

Thank you Boris for sharing your knowledge, personal experience and creating a space to understand more about what is going on.

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