Yesterday, January 25, a large part of the community of our School got together online to kick off the 2021 course.

It was an online meeting due to the COVID restrictions that continue to affect us all worldwide, and precisely, we wanted to come together to give each other support, strength and encouragement in these difficult times for all. To feel accompanied on the way.

From the School, which already normally offers a hybrid training program, we have adapted the entire program so that it can be followed online while the health emergency lasts, and we plan to return to the hybrid system when the conditions of the global pandemic allow it.

Getting together has been important for our students and they have told us this during the session. It has also helped us to welcome the new group of 7 students from Foundation Year 2021 and put on a face.

At a time when we are all tired of screens, this new meeting to start the course has been highly valued.

From the most used words we have made this cloud of words that we share to give encouragement to all and to get a run for this new year of training in the School of Process Work, and which by the way, this year celebrates its 10th anniversary.

Energy Motivation Happy Happy Travel Share Missing In person

Face-to-face Welcome Physical contact Glad to connect Put on a face

Kisses Energy Happy Motivation Glad Trip Reconnect Happy

Happy Travel Face-to-face Share Missing Share

Missing In person Welcome 2021 Looking forward to seeing you Live

Soon Physical contact Grow New School THANK YOU Students

Evolve Warm welcome Identity People Changes Deep

World Job Feelings

And as Kate said to close the session: “Thank you, I feel at home!”