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This 2022 we have recovered face-to-face activities and the rhythm of the School has been almost the same as before the pandemic. We have kept something that we incorporated and that our students were doing well, such as continuing to take phase 1 exams online.

We also continue granting scholarships to students from countries such as India, so that they can continue their studies at our School and we have slightly modified the format of the Base Year that now begins in November with FUNDAMENTALS.

After 10 years of the School we continue to grow and advance with the same enthusiasm, with new graduates and new additions to the faculty team.

For all this, we thank you, as well as the people who have attended the open seminars and we look forward to seeing you in 2023, welcoming everyone with great enthusiasm to continue growing TOGETHER.

THANK YOU for this productive 2022 and we are happy to welcome this new year 2023!