On behalf of Gill Emslie, Lilly Vassiliou and all of us who form the Process Work SCHOOL, THANK YOU to all the people who participated in the Seminar “Deep Democracy.Relationships & the World: A training in facilitation” and to which they have assisted more than 40 people from all over Spain. The semiannium took place this past March in Barcelona, ​​specifically in the Casino La Floresta de Valldoreix.

In Lilly’s words: “Thank you so much for all the excitement and experiences and learning …”




About the seminar:

In these difficult times of the rupture of our ecosystems, the crisis in leadership, economic uncertainty and the lack of social and ethical justice, it is clear that a change of consciousness and a different way of relating between ourselves and the world is needed. .

It is a time when our leadership is called to action. Many of us are looking for new ways to facilitate dialogue, collaboration and change our listening beyond bias and unconscious prejudices, to a deeper understanding that can lead to a co-creation of new ways of being together and on our planet .

How can we really make room for all the voices? How can we maintain and facilitate the emotional intensity of the interactions we must have between the oppressor and the oppressed? What is the work we must do with ourselves and with others? It is necessary to learn to co-facilitate, and co-create the space in which our collective intelligence can benefit the field and the groups with which we work.

In this training in participatory format, we developed facilitation skills, using experiential methods that included internal work, work in pairs, small groups and in groups.