I grew up in the small city Humenné in the east of Slovakia My first experience with process work was Worldwork in Slovakia in 1994, then I decided to study process work and in 2012 I became Diploma holder in RSPOPUK.

Most of my professional experience is from the field of mental health and last 15 years I becoming fascinated by the field of trauma, both in life of individual people and also in the lifes of communities and societies. I keep exploring how trauma dynamics shape my way of relating to myself and to the world and I am also fascinated by the wisdom of the nature in creating ways how to transform frozen states and complete unfinished stories. Except process work I am trained in Somatic experiencing developed by P.Levine.

I feel very privileged, that my partner Neus Andreu Monsech who is also mom of our children is also my colleague in several projects we are running in Barcelona connected with  facilitation and processing collective histories (Annual facilitation training, Petjades del passat)

I feel that life was very generous when brought Neus to my life. I love nature. It is one of the strongest resources for me. Mountains and sea connect me with worlds which go beyond words and there I often feel very much at home.