Participating in the workshop, ‘the shaman’s gift’ in Barcelona was an enriching experience on many levels. Initially I was drawn to explore my personal calling and how to stay in touch with my authentic self in the moment in my work as a facilitator as well as my personal life hence providing a toolbox of skills to navigate through the world.
Furthermore I was interested in experiencing process work in another culture. I am grateful for the welcoming atmosphere in the group and the hard-working translators. I loved entering the Catalan   and Spanish community and how mindful the topic of diversity, rank, privileges and prejudices was handled with a good portion of joy and pleasure.
Andy and Gill did a great job in guiding us through the workshop with a good mix of theory and practice I was impressed in how they facilitated what’s present in the field, smoothly shifting between their multiple roles.
Exploring the ‚life or death‘ walk was a very powerful exercise, providing an experience of dying and a certain detachment of the present identity and shifting the focus on what’s trying to emerge, including the fear related to it.
I am thankful to the many learning experiences I was able to make plus the touching encounters I had. I enjoyed the activist atmosphere of the community. Hope to see you all again very soon.

Natalie Neumann
Coach, Facilitator & Therapist
Dipl. cand. Processwork Switzerland