Seminar “The Shaman’s gift:

Awareness, Attention and Facilitation that connects Worlds”

(6-8 December 2019) Barcelona

with Andy Smith + Gill Emslie

Open to everyone



….. the struggle to be yourself against inner forces and outer rules, determines in part the length of personal life. ….  it is a contest with self doubt and society over dropping into dreamtime, It is the precursor to a culture in which we create and dream together.”.  Arny Mindell, 2003


A Processwork facilitator training – The Shamans Gift will delve deeply into personal calling, bringing a deeper understanding of oneself and bridging the individual and community worlds.

Why Such a Training? Unlike today’s accepted pressure to acquire only linear knowledge and learn under stress, this approach requires the individual’s willingness and ability to follow her or his body instincts to survive and live on this earth. It requires a connection to nature, your inner nature however irrational and non-linear – and how to love and live this in outer world. From this place of deep connection, we will learn to facilitate ourselves and the communities that we live and work in.

We will explore the “life or death” walk, dying to our attachments of who we are in the moment to discover the more creative and essential self which is trying to emerge. We will learn about the path of knowledge, our mythic path, find out about deepest parts and who we can be as well as about different ways of perceiving and interacting with our self and others, including the “hunter”, “warrior” and “ally. “

We will focus on:

Friday 6th: 4pm – 8pm

Saturday 7th:  10-14h, 16h – 8pmh

Sunday 8th:  9-14h; 15.30-17h


Trainings (only for Process Work Schools/Centers students associated to IAPOP):

Monday and Tuesday, December 9th and 10th: 10-14h, 15.30 – 17.30h



This seminar is for coaches, facilitators, psychotherapists, communities, organisational consultants and anyone who wants to develop these skills and attitudes.  The shaman operates with the knowledge that there are different dimensions of reality and ways of perceiving; tiredness, sickness and burn-out happen to us when we only perceive or work in one of these dimensions.

Whether you facilitate social and cultural changes, in individuals, groups and/or organisations we all need the shaman’s gifts.

Did you hear the signal…that’s it!

GILL EMSLIE PhD, Processwork Dipl. works with individuals, organisations and communities to discover what moves us most deeply and find ways forward within difficult situations.  She is co-founder of the Processwork training centre in Barcelona, and teaches internationally in diverse settings ranging from the NGO and social and environmental justice sector, to business and local government, in Europe, Latin America and SE Asia. Gill has also spent several years living and working with indigenous people in remote areas of the Earth and this has awoken in her a particular love for bio- cultural diversity and concern about its current predicament.

ANDY SMITH, Processwork Dipl. is a facilitator, trainer, coach and poet. With his partner Pat Black he founded “Diversity Matters” an organisation that uses the principles of “Deep Democracy” to work for a more inclusive world, especially in the areas of education, health systems and social care. He has designed many award-winning inclusive training and learning experiences, for example the Go Deep Game which recently won an award for global innovation in education. Andy loves how we can access and engage with so called non-ordinary states of consciousness as part of this creative design process.

Both Andy and Gill are faculty members with and the Spanish and UK schools of Processwork.


Processwork is essentially a practice of awareness, a multidisciplinary approach to facilitate individuals and groups to discover themselves and find meaning and creativity in the difficulties and joys they face.

Processwork integrates ideas from physics, psychology, anthropology and spirituality and has been applied in many fields. Processwork (or process-oriented psychology) is used in the arts, theatre and psychotherapy, working with conflict, organisational change, community building, coma and work near death.

Developed by Arnold Mindell and colleagues, the approach includes “Deep Democracy” and “Worldwork” which are methods for working with the most marginalised parts of ourselves and society.


Cost of the seminar

Price: 300€ (*)

(*)EARLY BIRD: 265€ for all process work students at IAPOP centers

Where will the Seminar take place

CASINO LA FLORESTA – Vallvidrera Barcelona

How to get there? Metro: FFCC de la Generalitat – Parada La Floresta (5 min walk to Casino)

For more information: or +34 658538388.



Download Seminar flyer in English (pdf)