Trauma and Creativity: When Cracks Become Gold, Creative Paths for transforming conflict

With Boris Sopko & Gill Emslie

Open to the public. Barcelona and surroundigs

Much  of the  most touching and powerful creative expression  emerges from painful experience with which we resonate, both individually and collectively.  We are surrounded by this in the music, art, poetry, dance that we are drawn to. This training seminar will emphasis the connection and use of creativity in transforming  traumatic or difficult experiences.

Trauma and its effects are present in everyday life.  Whether in  our personal  experience, from listening to others, in unexpected atmospheres, or in family or cultural stories. The underlying influence of these experiences  influences many of our relationships and interactions.If you ever criticize yourself for over reacting to something small, become entangled in a relationship conflict, enraged or depressed very quickly, or struggle with shame and later wondered why such a strong reaction occurred – there is most likely an element of  trauma in the background.

During this training seminar we will:

This training seminar will be highly experiential, supported by theoretical presentations. It is relevant for anybody who is interested in exploring a Processwork approach to trauma and creativity, and is either affected personally, or works with individuals or groups where trauma is, or may be present.

Based on Dr. Arnold Mindell’s Processwork approach with its multi-dimensional framework and metaskills of deep democracy. This trans-disciplinary approach emphasizes embodied learning and increased awareness at its heart.


7-9 December: SEMINAR Trauma and Creativity with Gill Emslie and Boris Sopko (OPEN TO PUBLIC)

Friday 7/12 : 16.00 – 19:30

Saturday 8: 10:00 to  14h-15.30 to 19:30

Sunday 9: 10:00 to 14h-15.30 to 17:30

December 10 and 11: Training days only for students

Price: 300€


Registrations now open. 



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