Seminar: Tracking down a change

(Gill Emslie Boris Sopko)

May 8-10, 2020

Barcelona, place to be determined





An in-depth, process orientated facilitation training for professional facilitators and Processwork students at  all levels. 


In these days many of us are experiencing how tiny viruses, invisible from our perception,  can strongly influence the whole of society raising our fear of the unknown and losing control.

Do we have the agency to influence these events before they happen or are we  simply at the mercy of forces greater than ourselves? Often we get caught in our own self doubt, lack of focus and commitment to taking the first step and trusting our inherent  deeper sense of knowing that often indicates what is needed. World issues, personal difficulties, conflicts and relationship crises can be one signal of an emerging new phase.

In this training we will learn to listen to our deepest hunches and focus on how to deal with imminent or unexpected changes within us, in our relationships, teams and in the world.

Sharpening  our ability to  perceive the signals which our everyday mind tends to marginalize, we will learn and deepen the toolkit we need to unfold and understand their meaning rather than getting caught in our unconscious reactions and discover useful attitudes which create the basis for dealing with upcoming unwanted change.

We will focus on  developing awareness of and perception of the first signals of upcoming change and tools. We will train ourselves in process work skills to unfold and work with those signals. And develop useful inner attitudes to deal with those tense critical moments of our lives and those we work with.


Training seminar will be useful for:


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Price: € 300

Early Bird for IAPOP Process Work students € 265 before April, 17, 2020.


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NOTE: only for students of the School





IMPORTANT NOTE: The uncertainty generated by the arrival of the Coronavirus in our country forces us, as an Entity, to carefully observe our environment to adopt different protection measures for the entire community. These next weeks will be of changes and we have to see how everything evolves and how we adapt to what is coming. The School cannot live with its back to reality. And for this reason, we are already working — in online meetings —- so that the activities of the coming weeks are as little affected as possible.

As we do not know what will happen from here to May, we have decided to continue with the registrations open and to work thinking that it will be done, but we are also thinking of alternatives to physically meet in case it is finally impossible and see how we manage the flexibility of these changes. Thanks for your interest.

Updated: March 12, 2020