Seminar “Harm and responsibility: A process work approach to repairing the relationship.”
(Jan Dworkin, Neus Andreu – assisting)

October 18-20 in Barcelona




It is very common to feel wounded or hurt in relationships. It is equally common to be accused of causing harm to others.
Recovering from the hurt we experience and repairing the hurt we create are two of the greatest challenges of relationship life.
Few of us have been trained to be accountable for our impact on others. We either feel victimized, guilty or in denial. In addition, we tend to overemphasize the psychological aspects of our behavior and underestimate the impact of collective and political dimensions. We mistakenly
believe that what happens between us is only a private matter.

In this seminar we will learn how to be accountable in relationships– in moment to moment, real-time interactions, as well as when discussing the past. We’ll gain greater understanding about the impact of collective traumas on our relationship lives. Hidden under our intense emotions, we
will uncover and work with history, at the same time, learning skills to make our current relationships more satisfying and sustainable.

Some topics we will address:
• the impact of intersectionality and unequal power on relationship
• skills and attitudes for authentic apology: what, when and how
• facilitating strong accusations and experience of hurt
• awareness of the shifting roles of victim, perpetrator and witness
• creating safety for all roles and parties
• identifying history in the here and now
We will present and practice tools and attitudes that can be used by mediators, therapists, facilitators, educators, activists, politicians and parents. In addition they will be helpful to anyone seeking to improve their personal or professional relationships or develop greater ease and proficiency sitting in the fires of strong interaction and conflict.


18 th October : 16 a 19.30h aprox

19 th October: 10 a 14h y de 15:30 a 19h

20 th October: 10 a 14h y de 15:30 a 18.30h

Training day:

21 st October: 10 a 14h y de 15:30 a 18.30h



Jan Dworkin, PhD. is a therapist, facilitator, educator and leadership coach. She has worked internationally with individuals, couples and organizations for over 25 years. A key practitioner in the field of Process Work, Jan has been contributing to the development of its theory and practice since her student days in Zurich in the 1980s, when she was part of Mindell’s original group. She has co-authored various Process Work training programs and has conducted training workshops and public seminars internationally. She served as Academic Dean of the Masters in Process Work program for many years.

Her forthcoming book, Make Love Better: How to Own Your Story, Connect with Your Partner and Deepen Your Relationship Practice builds on her own colorful relationship journey and years of experiences as a couples therapist. The book offers concrete tools to help couples navigate intersectional challenges around race, gender, class, sexual orientation, power dynamics, sex, communication and dreaming. She positions interpersonal relationship as a vehicle for addressing the complexities brought on by social issues, and thus for transforming the world. Published by Bellysong Press, it is coming out in the autumn of 2019.

Neus Andreu Monsech, is a group facilitator, trainer and organisational consultant, she also accompanies people and couples on their way. Her passion is to support organisations, communities, groups and people in times of change or crisis. She believes in difficult times and trusts that, with the necessary support, they can become sources of unique learning and development. I am Process Work Diplomate and studied in the UK (


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