Seminar: My Dreaming Body Our Dreaming World: An online training in working with somatic experiences

September 25-27, 2020

(Lilly Vassiliou + Andy Smith)


100% ONLINE IN ZOOM (due to the uncertainty of restrictions by COVID19)


Our bodies have a wild uncanny and unpredictable wisdom, unmediated by our thinking minds, belief systems and the pressures of everyday life.


Our body experiences, symptoms and illnesses don’t just exist in isolation within our bodies, but are part of the social, cultural and political field in which we live, and co-create with others. Inner dynamics are connected to societal dynamics and vice versa. Grappling with the collective as well as the individual dynamics is needed for the welfare of the whole.


The world is in us, as much as we are in the world. Our body experiences are our bodies and the world dreaming! They can not only tell us about the power dynamics and cultural edges in our society; they also contain the keys to living our deepest truth and purpose as co-creators in this world.

But how can we unfold and make sense of these deep body experiences and live their wisdom?

In this seminar we will use awareness skills and practices relevant for our personal and professional lives.

Using Processwork methods and tools we will learn to explore our body experiences with curiosity, following verbal and non-verbal communication signals to discover the wisdom that is revealed to us through our bodies.




September 28: Working with Coma

September 29: Supervision on working with body experiences

September 30: Supervision on working with body experiences



Seminar: 200 € early bird for school and IAPOP process work students  (Sep 11); 235 € after that

Training Day: 55€ per day; 150€ all three days.

*There is a limited number of scholarships available, depending on the number of participants. If you need a tuition reduction email Mar at with a short description of your circumstances and need.


Seminar: September 25 – 27, 2020

Fri  16:00 – 19:00

Sat 10:00 – 14:00 & 15:30 – 18:00

Sun 10:00 – 14:00  & 15:30 – 17:30


Training Days: September 28 – 30, 2020

10:00 – 14:00




Training days

NOTE: only for students of the School

Seminars Schedule:

Friday from 16-19: 30
Saturday from 10-14 and 16-19: 30
Sunday from 10-14 and 16-19: 30

Training Days schedule

Monday 10-14 and 15: 30-17: 30
Tuesday 10-14 and 15: 30-17: 30







IMPORTANT NOTE: The uncertainty generated by the arrival of the Coronavirus in our country forces us, as an Entity, to carefully observe our environment to adopt different protection measures for the entire community. These next weeks will be of changes and we have to see how everything evolves and how we adapt to what is coming. The School cannot live with its back to reality. And for this reason we are already working — in online meetings —- so that the activities of the coming weeks are as little affected as possible.

NOTE ON THE ZOOM PLATFORM: The School of the Work Process Institute will continue doing the activities online from Zoom. The trainers have instructions to manage the platform in the best possible way and it is also the responsibility of each participant not to spread the links to the sessions and to close the sessions after each use. We will make an exhaustive control of the access to the sessions and as always we will stick to the current data protection legislation.

Note from the Catalan Cybersecurity Agency regarding the use of video conferencing applications
The Agència de Ciberseguretat de Catalunya, as the entity in charge of executing the public cybersecurity service and promoting the digital trust of citizens, reports that in the current state of confinement, intensive use is being made of different videoconferencing platforms for personal and professional purposes. . (in Catalan)

Updated: June 2, 2020