Because, what is dying, but surrendering naked to the wind and merging with the sun?
Kahil Gibran


The Seminar “The world, relationships and much more” will take place from June 8 to 10 in Lakabe and will be given by Gill Emslie and Ana Rhodes and is open to the public.

The calendar of the event will be the following:

June 8-10: SEMINAR – “The world, relationships and much more”

11-12 June: Training days only for students

We are all moved sometimes by life; love, and finally death. Small everyday moments of amazement, ecstasy and deep connection with ourselves; with others and with the natural world, we are touched by moments full of meaning, gratitude and love, while other moments can bring a sense of loss, pain, numbness, anger and sadness. Many of us tend to disconnect from the highs and lows of these experiences and, instead, strong influences appear in our dreams, as bodily symptoms, and in our relationships with others and the world. In our collective, these incomplete, unexpressed and often unpleasant experiences may even manifest as apathy, conflict and division in society.

In this program, our goal is:

Develop internal resources that sustain us in these times that challenge and challenge us.
Learn skills that display subtle experiences in ourselves and in others.
Facilitate the relationship tensions that arise in the middle of the intensity.
Recognize the underlying problems that can diminish the intensity and raise awareness about polarization and conflict in group settings.

Our work is based on the Process Work of Dr. Arnold Mindell, with its multidimensional framework and the philosophy of deep democracy. This trans-disciplinary approach has incorporated learning and raising awareness in its deepest essence. The approach values ​​the explicit objectives and intentions of an individual or group while recognizing the hidden wisdom within its implicit dynamic. Challenges, conflicts, failures and setbacks are transformed into fuel for transformation and creative growth.

During the Training Days, only for students of the School, we will focus on working with the cycle of mourning and violence, with a specific focus on issues of domestic violence and the ethics, skills and meta-skills necessary to address these situations from the perspective of Process Work. These days will combine theory and supervision.

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Gill Emslie, PhD facilitator Processwork and “worldworker”, emphasizes the deepening of democracy and social change in her work at the international level, focusing on issues such as leadership, social and environmental justice, and facilitation of conflicts. She is founder of the Processwork Institute in Spain.
He lives and works in the ecological town Findhorn (Scotland), an NGO and training center in sustainability.


Consultant of individual and organizational development, coach and therapist. For 15 years she has been working in very diverse contexts at international level, in executive contexts, communities and NGOs in Scotland, UK, USA, Spain, Italy and Latin America. He is part of the teaching staff of the Process Art School in Italy. He worked in collaboration with the medical system and specialized in Extreme States of Consciousness as well as Leadership and Leadership skills, Group Dynamics, Conflict Facilitation and the Ability to follow the Love that guides our deep Dreams and Longings.