We are absolutely delighted to announce our new Diplomate, Guiomar Vargas from Catalunya, Spain. Guiomar is a community builder, activist, facilitator, mother and passionate human being. We are very pleased to welcome her into the International Processwork community of Diplomates. 

 The title of her final project, Is it possible to dialogue with neo-fascism?, is a  reflective essay on the importance of inner work to facilitate dialogue from the perspective of process work. She describes her own journey here: “The motivation that led to work on this topic is an inner force that wants to understand the different parts that are inside each of us, even the most distant to my values and belief systems as an activist. It has been an introspective work on myself, which has given me tools to be able to approach other positions and to be able to facilitate challenging dialogues. 

“I want to thank all my colleagues, students, graduates, teachers, my family and friends, the PW community in Catalonia and the Spanish state, and the entire PW community, for being partners in this journey of learning, Thank you!” 

I remember the first seminar in Can Fulló, it was 2012. A seminar I will never forget. As I said on the day of the final exam, that day I felt like I was entering a ‘magic school’. A school much more special than ‘Hogwarts’, I had no idea of what was to come… of the learning, processes, discoveries of myself, of the others, of the world…

I want to thank you for the way you have been teachers in this ‘magic school’, bringing yourselves in the same moment, explaining what was happening to you while explaining ‘theory’, and the practice of PT. You have taught me to bring myself too, later when I have done trainings or facilitations. And when I did it, sometimes, some people asked me, but can you get emotional when you are doing a training? and bring what is happening to you? and I said, yes of course! it is something I have seen and learned, and it is important to bring it! and I also thought inside myself: and I have had good teachers!!! 🙂

Thank you, thank you very much, it’s been several years, at times the road has been long, it’s true. But I always ended up finding reasons to continue, and I am proud to have finished. And I feel very grateful to all the people who have accompanied me on this path, and especially to you, teachers, therapists, mentors, and in the different roles… and sometimes moving between them. Thank you, companions of this very special journey, of which I feel that I have now finished one stage, and that at the same time another one is beginning, and that the journey continues, and that it has many stages :).

I send you a huge and big hug, and I look forward to hugging you in person when we meet in person. 😘💓

Many kisses, 

Good luck Guiomar we wish you all the best.

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