It is a great pleasure to announce that…

an athlete of sometimes extreme dimensions,
a warrior explorer on the mountain,
a traveler to other worlds,
has completed his training in Process Work (PW).
May he find fulfillment and happiness.
by combining his diverse passions of sports and psychology, self exploration and group experience, inner work and relationship building, nomadic living and settlement.

In his final project, The Path of the Warrior, he explores deep inner workings as he walks, climbs, and explores the usefulness of Work Process tools while being at his own limits in the nature. Or rather, in his own words: “how to think of going to the mountains as a sporting project, with a defined objective and goal; and at the same time, as a path of personal discovery”. A kind of “way of the warrior”. The warrior who approaches the mountain approaches the “essence of his being”. How to take into account in our experience the “chronological” time – with its precise measurements – and at the same time let us experience the “time without time”, that “kayros” that is the right moment.

Jordi Cornet Auge completed his Diploma training at the School of the Institute for Process Work and Deep Democracy a few weeks ago in October 2022 in Barcelona/Catalunya/Spain.

Good luck Jordi!
Iván and Boris as members of the study committee and the entire School Team (Gill, Andy, Kate, Lily, Cesar and Neus) wish you all the best.

Jordi joins the 13 local graduates.

CONGRATULATIONS JORDI! We add you to the list, many are already part of the teaching team of the Process Work School of Spain:

  1. Mireia Parera (2018)
  2. Cesar Fernandez Perez (2018)
  3. Conchi Pineiro (2019)
  4. Eva Sanchez (2019)
  5. Sergio Barrientos (2020)
  6. Danish Nuria (2020)
  7. Sara Carro (2020)
  8. Ana Pujol (2020)
  9. Barbara Rabinad (2020)
  10. Ana Espadale (2020)
  11. Blanca Farina (2021)
  12. Meritxell Martinez (2021)
  13. Inma Pascual (2021)
  14. Guiomar Vargas (2022)
  15. Jordi Cornet (2022) Photo: second left
  16. ?
  17. ?

Photo: left to right:

Boris Sopko, co-director School Process Work

Jordi Cornet, new Diploma from the Process Work School

Gill Emslie, co-director School Process Work

Judit Miret, Process Work School student