Thank you for accepting this invitation to tell a little about what the two sides of the same coin healing and action seminar is about in Mura in May.
You have joined the Process Work School and Fil a l’Agulla, Gill and Neus,
How has this been, tell us a little?

Neus: Gill Emslie and I have known each other for a long time, in fact, the two of us promoted training in Process Work in Spain more than ten years ago, and we have given some seminars together. It is true that now we have not met for a long time and I think that getting together now also has to do with the content of the seminar that we want to offer.
And it is that we both share a deep concern for the problems of the world today, for the various crises that are going through us and we both want to offer and build and also experiment with the people who attend the retreat seminar in Mura, Barcelona. The difficult thing is to turn the crisis, the difficulties into opportunities and that they help us not only to be able to heal from those wounds that we carry, but also to be able to take action to be able to find ways to transform the world that also needs our action.

We want to give ourselves the space to breathe to look inward to look into each other’s eyes and from there start building solutions I don’t know is the way it happens to explain it I don’t know how you see it Gill and thank you –

Gill: I agree with everything, it is a pleasure to work with you again, I think the world is bringing us together right now, we were brought together to start the formation of Process Work in Catalonia because there was an important need at that time and right now with climate change, with war and with many other things, it is also a very intense moment and I think that all of us who have to facilitate, try to liberate global processes and with groups and with organizations and with communities are feeling it more and more, we are starting to feel more and more intensity.
Perhaps about the seminar just add that we work with the methodology of Process Work or process work. In this seminar we are also going to work and approach other theories, such as that of Joana Macy, who is a Buddhist in systemic theory and an eco-activist. His work is called “The World that reconnects”. He is now 83 years old and we are working with the connection and interconnection that we have between ourselves and with the earth.
It is a pleasure that this opportunity gives us to be together in the same place and in the middle of nature to be able to really connect in a way that is perhaps more integrated with the environment that surrounds us and that we also find.

Susana: simply remember that it is May 26 and 29 that registration is on the website