Nonty Charity Sabic, Gill Emslie

Change happens when those who serve as agents of transformation understand the foundations of race and racism. Racism was done and it can be undone through effective community, individual and institutional change.

This seminar will be a combination of presentations and facilitated experiential reflections.  We will  dive deeper into the undeniable perspective that the systemic nature of racism, internalised white supremacy, internalised oppression and the need for radical  systemic change, begins with individual and collective recognition and accountability. 

Nonty Charity Sabic

An advocate for climate and social justice, community living and North-South healing and reconciliation, utilising the principles of UBUNTU. Nonty works with international environmental and social movements to develop ways of dismantling systems of oppression, decolonising and healing internalised racism.  She has experience in different collaborative methodologies in facilitation, project and group management. She is initiated in the Indigenous Shamanic Knowledge Systems of her tribe, currently involved in various organisations that promote sustainable and regenerative ways of living and co-founder of Rise Ubuntu Network. 

Gill Emslie, PhD

Processwork facilitator and worldworker, emphasizes deepening democracy and social change in her work internationally, focusing on issues of leadership, social and environmental justice and conflict facilitation. Gill is the founder of the Processwork Institute in Spain and when she is not travelling she lives and works in the Findhorn eco-village in Scotland, and NGO and sustainability training centre.


The class will be in English with translation in Castellano.


40€ (each class)

*If you need a tuition reduction contact the teacher of the class.

Deadline for registration:

3 days before each class.

Limited places available.


Thursday June 10, 2021 17:30 –20:30 CET (Barcelona, Paris, Rome, Zurich, etc)