Dear friends around the world

We are absolutely delighted to announce 5 new Diplomate from La Escuela in  Catalunya, Spain. Many of the graduates this year and last,  are part of our first, pioneering cohort who  started their training, 9 years ago,  in a large abandoned house in the midst of beautiful countryside, in a time when gatherings of more than 2 people were still allowed 🙂 The day the training began was also the day that thousands of people were being forcibly moved out of the Plaza de Catalunya,where there had been a peaceful, “Occupy”, movement calling for economic and political justice and deeper  processes of democracy.

We, are inspired by and honoured to have accompanied these 5 people on their journey of transformation through these years and to present them and their final projects, which are in both Spanish and English, here. There are also  some versions in Catalan.  Each of the study committees has written something below:

With much love

Gill, Evelyn, Andy, Lily, Boris, Pat & Kate


Anna Pujol


Anna is a spiritual warrior! She went on her learning journey taking each difficulty and challenge in her life and on her learning path as an ally bearing a gift, unravelling the magic of process as she navigated the river, enriching us all who took the journey with her. Congratulations dear Anna!!! dear colleague and friend! Welcome to our international tribe! We are enriched by your presence. With much love Lily, Ellen & Gill

Displaced by climate change.

A journey across external and internal borders. The focus of this study is the conflict that we are actually facing as Planet called “Climate Displacements”: people who have been forced to move  for environmental reasons as a result of Climate Emergency. This paper argues that a new way of relating to each other, a deeply sustainable way, is essential for this stage we are facing. I deeply believe that this way of relating to each other will contribute to the evolution of our current anthropocentric system to an ecocentric system. The project includes an analysis of the conflict of environmental displacement according to Processwork. Anna  recommends that if you are a person who is more attracted to theoretical aspects you read the project from start to finish. In the case that your curiosity is more related to the experience, you can read first the practical part and then the theoretical one or go alternatively between chapters.

Anna graduated from both La Escuela of Trabajo de Procesos and the  Deep Democracy Institute.  Her diploma and journey was a shared journey and she will have a joint diploma from both schools..


Sara Carro

Thanks so much Sara for sharing your courage, warmth  and your intrepid adventurous spirit with us throughout this journey. Your curiosity,  eagerness to learn, and  enthusiastic and willing attitude, created a very fluid and joyful atmosphere that those of us who accompanied her during her learning process enjoyed very much. It is a great pleasure, dear Sara, to welcome you as a colleague to this great international community of Processworkers. Congratulations!  Lots of love Lety & Gill

A Manual for teachers: The Art of Learning to treat each other well. 

This manual aims to bring Process Work and the facilitation of groups closer to the educational world. It brings together some ideas and exercises that, combined with examples, can be used as supportive material for teachers and educators in the art of dealing with the daily tensions that occur in groups, to turn them into learning opportunities. It is intended as a tool to help to promote actions and attitudes that contribute to a healthy coexistence. In it you will find some keys factors to understanding group dynamics and to prevent the dynamics of exclusion and discrimination.

Because of my personal history related to my years of schooling, I am especially motivated to accompany schools and institutes to promote a healthy coexistence where diversity is lived as a richness and inequalities are questioned from the point of view of beliefs, actions and structures. I work side by side with both children and adults to create worlds that are more livable and safe.  As a trainer I am also interested in supporting different ways of learning and developing.



Nuria Danes 


Nuria is one of original group of people interested in process work here in Catalunya/Spain starting in 2010 During all those years she showed her love towards learning and living process work in everyday life also as friend, colleague, partner and mother, combining it with her strong activist part. Nuria has powerful metaskills of being centered and grounded and great sense of black humour. Congratulations Nuria!!! Love Boris & Gill

The Power of Maternity

“The power of Maternity”: Talking about the subject of motherhood was previously of little interest to me. There is something very strong that makes me undervalue an experience that in turn, I also consider very powerful. The aim of this project is to shed some light on this dynamic that I detect clearly in myself and at the same time I  take it beyond myself to connect it with a social dynamic. What belief system says that focusing on the experience of motherhood is not important or interesting? And what is the relationship between my personal belief system and the social belief system? How does power affect the maternal experience? How is the value or importance I give to it articulated? And under this umbrella, how can we give potential to the experience of motherhood  and make it a source of personal as well as social learning.


Sergi Barrientos

As his SC, we, Pat Black and Evelyn Figueroa, are proud to welcome Sergi as a colleague. The 3 of us have been on an amazing long-distance road trip over the last few years. It has had its twists and turns and at times we got lost and had to find our direction again and now we are very happy that Sergi has magnificently completed this part of the journey. We want to celebrate his perseverance, learning spirit, amazing creativity and his dedication to Processwork and thank him for inviting us on the journey. We wish him well for the path ahead.


About Men and the Relationship between Men, Power and Violence  

If we consider that feedback processes are the basis of human communication and evolution, and take into account the strong feedback that is often given to men about how they use their social and structural power by many groups and people in society then I wonder – ·  Why is it that even though feedback is being given to men very clearly, often we are still not taking it?·    Are we perhaps protecting something?    Is there perhaps a fear of losing something? What stops men from taking agency to pick up feedback and take responsibility of their use and misuse of power? ¨

This is the beginning of a pilgrimage towards the possibility of loving in a healthier, less obsessive, controlling and patriarchal way. It is an intimate journey, an attempt to understand how patriarchal culture has shaped me and shapes us as men. An immersion in the dark ocean to emerge in a circle of love, transformation and creativity. A call to take agency, to show ourselves, and to take responsibility for the impact we have. Do you dare to take the leap?



Barbara Rabinad Coll

Welcome Barbara to the community of Processwork diplomates. Barbara is courageous and a brave warrior in the awareness adventure, she has tenaciously explored power and relationships on her journey, discovering detachment, honesty, humility and transparency on the way. It has been a pleasure to see Barbara’s passion for processwork lead her to her insights on the process-mind. Congratulations to you and welcome, Love Pat and Andy.

My journey to the processmind as a human being and as a facilitator

“Helping my critics to learn how to swim.”

I have come to a point of inflection in my life in which I realize that my critics have taken centre stage in my day to day life. I am no longer the one who interacts with the world (with my loved ones, with the people who consult me) They are my critics! They are everywhere. I project them on other people and they are so strong that they make me see the world from their point of view. My inner world is painful and living with myself is unbearable, my critics are devastating, and they tend to leave me lonely or act as my worst enemies, criticizing me over and over again. I wonder: How can my processmind illuminate me in difficult times? Without being very aware of it at the beginning, my processmind has led me to want to write this final project.